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sodextreme / SoD Extreme II - Eisenfaust Edition


Eisenfaust Editions for SoD Extreme parts I and II bring across some features from Wolf3D Legacy. The idea behind this mod is to enhance the experience of playing the original SoD Extreme maps with new weapons, enemies and special game mechanics.

The source code branch is part1_ee.

Core Principles

A number of core principles underpin the changes made in this mod from a game balance and coding point of view. They are:

  1. Retain the overall balance of game play and ensure the original maps are still fun to play.
  2. Add extra challenge on the hardest skill level to warrant a re-play of the original maps.
  3. Provide facility for further modification which allows non-technical modders to create new mods.
  4. Use maps from Sod Extreme as a base and enrich them with new enemies, weapons and mechanics.

New Enemies

Rifle Guard

The rifle guard:

  1. Drops the Rifle when killed if not already owned by the player.
  2. May shoot in a kneel position to lower his chance of being hit.
  3. Will reload his rifle after shooting, resulting in a lower rate of fire.
  4. Will attempt to snipe the player at long range but will give up when sight is lost.
  5. Can perform a roll attack into kneel position.
  6. Reloads his weapon every shot and a sound effect is played.
  7. Drops Rifle ammo when killed if the Rifle is owned by the player.
  8. Will fire inaccurately at fast-moving player whether sniping or shooting at the hip.
  9. Will shoot more frequently at long range than a regular guard.

Officer SS

The officer SS:

  1. Carries an STG44.
  2. Can deal more damage per shot than a regular SS.
  3. Drops the STG44 when killed if not already owned by the player.
  4. Reloads his weapon after shooting.
  5. Can perform a roll.
  6. Drops STG44 ammo when killed if the STG44 is owned by the player.

ZSS (Skeleton SS)

The ZSS:

  1. Carries an STG44.
  2. Can deal more damage per shot than a regular SS.
  3. Drops the STG44 when killed if not already owned by the player.
  4. Reloads his weapon after shooting.
  5. Has significantly greater HP than all other SS.
  6. Can perform a roll.
  7. Drops STG44 ammo when killed if the STG44 is owned by the player.
  8. Is immune to damage from the cleaver.

Chaingun SS

The Chaingun SS is a mini-boss who drops the chaingun when killed.

  1. He has a low chance of spawning in place of regular SS.
  2. He won't spawn unless the player owns a sufficiently powerful weapon.
  3. He will have mini-boss HP and will deliver a lot of damage.
  4. He will not move quite as fast as regular enemies.
  5. When killed he will drop a chaingun if the player does not own a chaingun; otherwise an ammo box will be dropped.
  6. The chance of him spawning is higher if the player owns a more powerful weapon.
  7. He has a higher pain tolerance and can continue to fight when taking damage.
  8. Can perform a roll.
  9. Will take more opportunities to shoot at the player.

Claw Mutant

The claw mutant:

  1. Chews through player ammo by not dropping ammo when killed.
  2. Attacks with melee only.
  3. Leaves a blood scar on players view when scratch connects.
  4. Can randomly leap towards the player for a melee attack if within range.

Cleaver Mutant

The cleaver mutant:

  1. Chews through player ammo by not dropping ammo when killed.
  2. Attacks with melee only.
  3. Leaves a blood scar on players view when scratch connects.
  4. He drops a new weapon called the Cleaver.
  5. Will throw cleaver as a projectile when not in melee attack range.
  6. Will trigger an alternate frame on HUD display when player dies from cleaver projectile.
  7. Can perform a roll.

Barrel Surprise Mutant

The barrel surprise mutant:

  1. Will break out of barrel when player is within view and with higher chance as player gets close.
  2. Can be killed when barrel is destroyed before waking up.
  3. Will have a full set of spawn codes like a normal enemy but patrol codes are not used.
  4. Can be deaf while inside the barrel (via ambush marker).
  5. Will break out of barrel with a random delay after deciding to exit.
  6. Will break out of barrel after losing sight of the player.


Hans is a mini-boss version of the Episode 1 boss from original Wolfenstein 3D. He will have same HP as the original Hans boss.

Hans is treated like most regular enemies in that he can spawn standing, in ambush or in patrol mode. And just like a regular enemy he comes with complete rotations for stand and chase.

Hans will spawn with a low chance in place of an enemy and only in rooms with the gold key. The chance of spawning increases with the power of weapons owned by the player.


  1. Sight and death sounds must play at full volume and without spatial effects.
  2. Can go to pain state.
  3. Will not go to pain state more than once per tile.
  4. Drops the dual wielded chaingun weapon when killed.
  5. Cannot spawn more than once in the same map.
  6. Sight sound effect will play with highest priority over all other sounds.

TNT Mutant

The TNT mutant is disguised as a brown claw mutant and carries TNT explosives under his suit. A few points on the TNT mutant worth mentioning:

  1. Has the appearance of the claw mutant.
  2. Has faster movement than regular mutant.
  3. Becomes crawling mutant after ripping off jacket and exploding.
  4. Detonates himself with a random chance if close enough to scratch.
  5. Will explode if killed except if killed by cleaver.
  6. While crawling can leap towards and scratch the player.
  7. Leaves behind a blood trail when crawling.

Small Flame Dude

The small flame dude:

  1. Wields a flamethrower as his primary and only weapon.
  2. He moves with same speed as officer.
  3. Carries the same HP as officer.
  4. Can set other enemies and plant life on fire.
  5. Has immunity to fire damage.
  6. Can perform a roll.
  7. Drops the flamethrower weapon when killed.

Large Flame Dude

The large flame dude:

  1. Wields a flamethrower as his primary and only weapon.
  2. Carries the same HP as the chaingun SS.
  3. Moves with same speed as the chaingun SS.
  4. Can be taken out with a single blast on his rear napalm tanks if attacked from behind.
  5. Fires a wall of projectiles which scatters only at medium-long range.
  6. Drops napalm ammo when killed.

Zombie Mutant

The zombie mutant can withstand a lot of damage and uses an aggressive melee attack. This enemy:

  1. Has higher HP than the chaingun SS but not as high as a regular boss such as Hans.
  2. Moves with increased speed.
  3. Delivers the strongest melee attack in the game.
  4. Supports two kinds of melee attack which are the stationary and leaping attack.
  5. Punches with both hands when attacking while stationary.
  6. Punches with one hand only when attacking while leaping.
  7. Leaves a blood scar on players view when punch connects.
  8. Can grow from a regular mutant who walks over a toxic pool.
  9. Comes in either the green or brown uniform.

New Weapons


The Rifle:

  1. Dropped by the Rifle guard.
  2. Has greater accuracy and damage than the pistol.
  3. The rate of fire is significantly lower than the pistol.
  4. Has its own ammo.


The STG44:

  1. Heavy machinegun.
  2. Dropped by the Officer SS and ZSS.
  3. Inflicts greater damage per shot.
  4. Has its own ammo.
  5. Has ammo clip item pickup.
  6. Has ammo box item pickup.
  7. Triggers alternate death animation and separate helmet drop effect for some guards.


The Cleaver:

  1. Will instakill most enemies but not mini-bosses or bosses.
  2. Will be bound to the same weapon key as the knife.
  3. Is dropped by the Cleaver mutant.
  4. Has a maximum ammo capacity of 20.
  5. Has a unique weapon picture on HUD display.
  6. Starts some distance away from the player when thrown.
  7. Triggers an alternate death animation in most enemies.

Dual Wielded Chainguns

The player can pickup the dual wielded chaingun from Hans after killing him.

The dual chaingun:

  1. Chews through ammo at twice the speed as a regular chaingun.
  2. Has reduced accuracy at medium-long range.
  3. Fires twice as many bullets as regular chaingun.
  4. Doubles the ammo limit for all bullet-based weapons.


The player can pickup the flamethrower from a small flame dude after killing him.

The flamethrower:

  1. Rapidly chews through napalm ammo.
  2. Fires projectiles which can deliver splash damage.
  3. Can set enemies, vines and other plant scenery on fire.

Enemies and scenery which have been set on fire will deal continuous splash damage onto surrounding enemies and/or the player.

MG42 and Flamethrower Turrets

A variety of enemies and the player can control turrets placed around the map. The enemy may spawn on a turret at level start or otherwise take control over an unmanned turret.

The flamethrower turret and MG42 are both bound to the same weapon key (with the flamerthrower weapon). The player can jump off a turret by selecting a different weapon.

The player will spawn with a fixed amount of MG42 ammo at game start, and no napalm ammo.

If the player does not possess ammo for a turret he will be unable to control it. A message will be displayed to indicate this.

The enemy cannot and will not release a turret once it has taken control of it.

New Mechanics

Enhanced Bonus 1-UP

  1. Awards player with ammo for all weapons owned.
  2. Health limit can be overclocked up to 200HP.

Enemy Roll Attack

A variety of enemies are capable of performing a roll attack. A roll attack will be triggered when:

  1. A high probability is met.
  2. The enemy enters a new tile.
  3. A free tile exists next to the enemy in a sideways direction.
  4. The player has his weapon trained on the enemy and has ammo.

A roll attack could occur in a leftward or rightward direction. A second, consecutive roll is prohibited from the next tile.

Wall Cover

The enemy rolls behind a wall cover, remains stationary and poised to shoot the player and then continues to chase the player after a random time expires. The random time expiry probability distribution will be skewed towards the lower bound, making long times less likely than short times.

The hiding enemy will shoot at the player as soon as he achieves line of sight.

Weapon Selection

The player may cycle between different weapons on a single weapon key. For instance the rifle and pistol are both available on numeric key 2. In this way the weapon keys do not correspond to individual weapons but to a group of weapons.

When the player switches to a different group of weapons by pressing a key and then returns to the original group, the weapon last used in that group will become current.

Half-Dead Enemy

Some enemies can transition into a half-dead state after taking damage and finishing their pain frame if their total HP is low enough. The chance of transitioning to a half-dead state is relatively low but varies between enemies. The Officer is a smart enemy and transitions more often to half-dead state.

During half-dead state an enemy, prone on the ground, can rise up after a random delay and shoot from a seated position.

Half-dead mechanic will be supported on a variety of enemies.

A half-dead enemy:

  1. Becomes shootable during rising animation.
  2. Will not block the player or enemies from passing until rising.
  3. Takes damage like a standing enemy.
  4. Cannot rise if space is already occupied by the player.

Enemy Stun

I want to expand the idea of "half-dead enemies" into something broader. I'd like to define a new game mechanic called "enemy stun" and tie it in with something new for the STG44. I would like the STG44, being a heavy machine gun and having a slow rate of fire, to be able to put an enemy into a "stunned" state. It will make the weapon feel more "beefy".

A stunned enemy can eventually escape their stunned state and become normal enemies again if the player moves out of sight. You can think about stun as a more sophisticated pain state. The difference between stun and pain is that stun lasts longer and the enemy can shoot. A new set of regular pain states must be defined for enemies in stun mode.

Not all shots using the STG44 will put an enemy into stunned mode. It is randomly decided.

An enemy damaged with the STG44, if put into stunned mode, will be thrust into an adjacent (open) tile before coming to rest.

Stun will be supported on a variety of enemies.

An enemy who is killed with the STG44, if supporting stun state, will travel some distance before coming to rest during animation.

A stunned enemy:

  1. Takes damage like a standing enemy.

Enemy Doors

A new type of door called an enemy-door will be available. It:

  1. Cannot be opened by the player.
  2. Can be opened by enemies but only from the inside.
  3. Has a unique theme that is sourced from a different mod.
  4. Remains open forever when opened.
  5. Can only be opened by enemies who are alerted with an area trigger.

Player Doors

A new type of door called a player-door will be available. It:

  1. Cannot be opened by the enemy until first opened by the player.
  2. Uses the normal door theme.

Area Triggers

Area triggers will be supported. Special actors will be provided. The mapper places the same special actor in two or more area codes. When the player enters a tile with this special actor all areas with the same special actor will be flagged. Enemies standing inside a flagged area will become aware of the player and enter chase state.

The first two special actors will not activate unless the player owns the gold key.

The second two special actors will not activate unless the player owns the silver key.

Alarm Triggers

An alarm trigger is defined when the mapper places an alarm trigger actor over a solid wall.

When placed the engine will render a wall-switch over the wall.

The player or enemy can operate the switch to trigger off an alarm. The alarm will alert enemies in the area(s) where the corresponding area trigger actor was placed and an alarm audio effect will be played. The alarm audio effect will be positioned on a spot where an area trigger was placed.