Robert Brewer committed 104d8b8

Fix for incorrect use of unbound method with SSL send. Needs porting to trunk regardless of the future of this branch.

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 import base64
+import os
 import Queue
-import os
 import re
 quoted_slash = re.compile("(?i)%2F")
 import rfc822
     read = _ssl_wrap_method(, is_reader=True)
     readline = _ssl_wrap_method(socket._fileobject.readline, is_reader=True)
     readlines = _ssl_wrap_method(socket._fileobject.readlines, is_reader=True)
+    def send(self, *args, **kwargs):
+        return self._sock.send(*args, **kwargs)
+    send = _ssl_wrap_method(send)
 class HTTPConnection(object):
             timeout = sock.gettimeout()
             self.rfile = SSL_fileobject(sock, "r", self.rbufsize)
             self.rfile.ssl_timeout = timeout
-            self.send = _ssl_wrap_method(sock.send)
+            self.send = self.rfile.send
             self.rfile = sock.makefile("rb", self.rbufsize)
             self.send = sock.send