1. Lior Amar
  2. copymon


Copymon - monitor long copy processes

Authors: Lior Amar, Gal Oren

License: BSD Revised License


Copymon package provides means to monitor a copy operation (of directories and files) and present a progress bar during the operation.

Each copy operation is divieded into two main stages:

  • Metadata scan stage, which generate information about the files to be copied.
  • The copy itself. This package does not implement a the copy operation but rather uses external programs like rsync,cp and tar to perform the actual copy.

Installation Notes:

If you downloaded the source of copymon just do the following:

Using PIP:

cd copymon python setup.py sdist pip install dist/copymon-0.1.0.tar.gz

Direct install:

cd copymon python setup.py install

The install process will install the program copymon.py in /usr/local/bin

copymon Examples:

  • Copy of a directory using cp as the copy command
copymon.py --cp /usr/share/doc /tmp/doc
  • Running in scan only mode:
copymon.py --only-scan --cp /usr/share/doc /tmp/doc

Using copymon:

copymon.py --help