FSWalk - A Filesystem crawler

On large filesystems it is impossible to run tools such as du and obtain results in a reasonable time. FSWalk is a file system crawler which travels over a filesystem and provides an sqlite db containing information about each file. The fsq utility of the fswalk project can now be used to query the db and obtain information about the file system in a much faster way. The intended useage it to run fswalk in a periodic manner so the sysadmin can monitor changes in the file system and produce reports.

Authors: Lior Amar and Gal Oren

License: Revised BDS license

Website: https://bitbucket.org/liororama/fswalker/wiki/Home


sqlalchemy matplotlib

Quick install:

tar xvfz fswalker.tgz cd fswaker python setup install

Running fswalk:

fswalk --dir /big-storage-dir -o /opt/dbs/fswalk-dbs/ -p

The line above will run fswalk scan on the directory /big-storage-dir and will keep the output db at /opt/dbs/fswalk-dbs/. The -p flag will produce a one line progress indicator printout so the rate of scan can be monitored

Running fsq:

fsq --help will print a help screen with several examples

Reporting bugs or suggesting improvements:

Please report issues/bugs/suggestions in the bitbucket website.