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onDemand CLI - Hot Folder Tutorial

This project contains a pair of scripts for watching, submitting and downloading a folder of files to be translated.

Getting Started

To see how these scripts work, do the following:

  1. Check out the project.
  2. Set up your Environment Variables.
  3. Copy files/example.txt into the two source sub-directories.
  4. Run watch_folder.sh.
  5. Go to the site and pay for your work.
  6. Wait for the jobs to complete.
  7. Run watch-quotes.sh to download the results.

Here is an example run of the above:

$ git clone git@bitbucket.org:liox-ondemand/app-example-hotfolders.git
$ cd app-example-hotolders
$ export LIOX_API_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<your-sandbox-api-key>
$ export LIOX_API_SECRET_KEY=<your-sandbox-api-secret>
$ export LIOX_API_ENDPOINT=https://developer-sandbox.liondemand.com/api
$ cp files/example.txt source/en-us_de-de/
$ cp files/example.txt source/en-us_fr-fr/
$ ./watch_folder.sh
$ # Pay for Quote
$ ./watch_quotes.sh

The Folders

This example project using the following directory structure:

  • data/quotes.txt - This file stores the IDs of Quotes that have been requested for translation Jobs.
  • files/example.txt - This is an example source file provided for your convenience.
  • source
  • en-us_de-de - This is where you place any files you want translated from English to German.
  • en-us_fr-fr - This is where you place any files you want translated from English to French.
  • target
  • en-us_de-de - Files translated from English to German will be placed here by the watch-quotes.sh script.
  • en-us_fr-fr - Files translated from English to French will be placed here by the watch-quotes.sh script.

The Scripts


This script watches the source folder for new files to be translated.

When it encounters them it does the following:

  • Uploads the file to the onDemand API
  • Creates a translation Job for the file
  • Generates a Quote for the translation Job
  • Stores the pending Quote IDs in data/quotes.txt


This script watches the Quotes generated by watch-folders.sh and stored in data/quotes.txt.

If a Quote is waiting to be authorized, it authorizes the quote.

If a Quote is in the process of being complete, it does nothing.

If a Quote is completed, it will:

  • downloads the translated file
  • stores it in the target directory
  • removes the Quote ID from data/queue.txt