Example Spring Boot Web App

This project is a simple example Spring Boot Web Application.

Freemarker templates in src/main/resources/templates use the @spring.message Spring Macro to load text from src/main/resources/ or the user's locale equivalent.

Lionbridge Content CLI

This project uses the Lionbridge COntent CLI to submit a file for translation, authorize the work and then download the results.

Submitting Files for Translation

submit is Bash script that uses the Lionbridge Content CLI to:

  • add the File
  • add a Job requesting to translate the above file to French and German
  • request a Quote for the above Job

Authorizing the Quote

authorize is a Bash script thse use the Lionbridge Content CLI to:

  • ensures the Quote is ready to be authorized
  • authorizes the Quote with a PO Number

Downloading Translated Files

download is a Bash script that:

  • ensures the Job is completed
  • downloads the translated files requested by the submit script above
  • copies the files to a location recognized by Spring's Internationalization feature.