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 The latest version is always accessible from: [][gaeinit]
-Getting the code and running the application
+Getting the code
+The easiest way to get the code is to [fork it][fork] and then clone it.
+Or you can clone it directly using the command line:
     $ hg clone project-name
-    $ /path/to/project-name/main
-To test it visit `http://localhost:8080/` in your browser.
 Running the script (first time)

File main/templates/welcome.html

     <p>The easiest way to start new applications on Google App Engine.</p>
     <p>What you see here is exactly what you get.</p>
-    <p>Clone the project and you're up and running!</p>
-      <pre style="prettyprint">
-  $ hg clone project-name
-  $ /path/to/project-name/main</pre>
+    <p>Clone this project and you're up and running!</p>
       <a class="btn btn-primary btn-large" href="">
-        Visit {{config.CONFIG_DB.brand_name}} project page &raquo;
+        Visit {{config.CONFIG_DB.brand_name}} project page for more &raquo;