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only convert to bytes when it is not bytes

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 from threading import Lock
-from six import string_types, b as bytes_
+from six import string_types, b as bytes_, text_type
 from pystacia.util import memoized
 from pystacia.compat import pypy
     for arg, type in zip(args, c_method.argtypes):  # @ReservedAssignment
         if type == c_char_p:
             should_lock = True
-            arg = bytes_(arg)
+            if isinstance(arg, text_type):
+                arg = bytes_(arg)
         elif type in (c_size_t, c_ssize_t, c_uint):
             arg = int(arg)
         elif type == PixelWand_p:
     msg = formattable('Calling {0}')
-    #if method == ('read', 'blob'):
-    #   from import set_trace; set_trace();
     if pypy and should_lock: