pystacia / TODO



ImageMagick binaries download is now cached

Backward incompatible changes
drop support dft

- registry could lookup keys automatically from environ by appending
PYSTACIA in front
- use is instead of id comparisons in Color
- think about the issue with overlay discarding alpha channel
- compile with bzip and gzip on all oses
- move more things to registry - paths, and chainability
- instead of relying on renames and get_platfom we could use our own solution [0.1.1]
  if it can be loaded and test for OS and 64bit in
- more generators from pseudoformats: gradients etc [0.1.1]
- Image.write should obey format when explicitely set, ImageMagick always does it
  from filename, if format is set call get_blob() instead and save to fs in py
  into one class with many test methods [0.1.1]
- compress method that let's you apply compression and reread image, useful for
  preving compression result
- set_pixel (possible?) [0.1.1]
- keep track of showed temp files and delete them on exit
- rgba8 color factory, and accessors [0.1.1]
- support for with protocol [0.1.1]
- implement other color factories [0.2]
- implement better show tool detecting (doesnt work with unity) and fallback to webbrowser [0.2]
- allow overriding viewer wiith TINYIMG_VIEWER env var
- containers vs formats
- bench script to test under different version of python [0.2]
- pixel iterators [0.2]
- show should accept zoom factor, passed to resize with point filter, and crop information [0.2]
- show for color creates 32x32 image with color preview [0.2]
- [0.2] cmyk setters and getters
- implement gravity=(0, 0) gravity=(.5, 1) gravity=('left') on merge, crop, extend, rotate(crop=True), resize [0.2]
- with img.masked(mask) as img:
- with img.canvas() as c:
- all functions should accept blend as param - merges result on top with this blend
- visual testing framework with reference images
- wave needs phi
- copy parameter to each function as kw, along blend
- blending gravity
- show should be able to zoom, crop
- > and < on color lightness comparison

not documented: splice


- all new functions inlucdig splice, chop, auto_
- document origin of name pistacja, włoski, pistachio, pronunciation [0.1.1]
- document splice, implement implode
write chapter on resource management - closed, close, with
write chapter on performing custom cdll operations and .resource
fork me on bitbucket
flattr, facebook like, G+
discussion group
header with links
style - fixed left column, background left column, background main
- migration (-W always)
- what's new
- twitter
- video


- revise __exclusions
- license on top of files
- links
- tinydetect
- mooar tests
- rebuild binaries
- coverage
- docs
- docstrings
- revise imports, move in function symbols at the end of files
- version bumps
- pyflakes, pep8