Dash for IBM i

Welcome! This is the Dash for IBM i open source project that aims to make it easy to create dashboard pages for IBM i purposes.

Please fork and add your own dashboard page!





This project has been updated to run on Node v8. For installation of Node v8, please go to IBM's RPMs - Getting Started to see how to install the yum package manager. Then run the following commands:

yum install nodejs8
/QOpenSys/pkgs/bin/nodever 8


$ git clone
$ npm install
$ openssl genrsa -out ibmidash-key.pem 2048
$ openssl req -new -sha256 -key ibmidash-key.pem -out ibmidash-csr.pem
$ openssl x509 -req -in ibmidash-csr.pem -signkey ibmidash-key.pem -out ibmidash-cert.pem


$ node index.js


This project relies heavily on IBM's DB2 SQL Services. Make sure you are up to date on PTFs by ordering the latest with the following command.

SNDPTFORD PTFID((SF99702))    for IBM i 7.2
SNDPTFORD PTFID((SF99703))    for IBM i 7.3


MIT License. See file LICENSE in root of this repo.

Contribution Agreement

If you contribute code to this project, you are implicitly allowing your code to be distributed under the MIT license. You are also implicitly verifying that all code is your original work.

Who Was Here

The following people have taken the time to learn how to do a Git fork and pull request on IBM i. Well done!


  • Aaron Bartell, Krengel Technology, Inc.
  • Christian Jorgensen
  • Brian Garland
  • Travis Glover twitter/@iistrav
  • Markus A. Litters, INSA Software & Services Ltd.
  • Robert Brown