IBMi Toolkit (iit) for Ruby


The goal of the IBMi Toolkit for Ruby is to make IBM i resources more easily digestible from Ruby without having to write a lot of code. For example, checking to see if a user exists should be a simple API call (i.e. IIT.user_exists? "QSECOFR"). As noted in the Need Help section below this project has eventual goals of utilizing the xmlservice Gem on

It should be noted that this project is highly likely to change over the coming months (i.e. renaming/relocating of methods) so please know that as you adopt.


## Gemfile 
gem 'iit'
## gem install
gem install iit

Basic use

## Check if an IBM i user exists
if IIT.user_exists? "QSECOFR"
  # Do something

# Run SQL statements

# Obtain the value from a *DTAARA
current_nbr = IIT.DSPDTAARA('MYLIB','MYDTAARA')[:value].to_i

Need Help

  • Incorporate XMLSERVICE capabilities as an optional dependency. XMLSERVICE has some very nice facilities for stateful jobs.
  • Unit tests need some help. RSpec is the testing framework. Fork and pull to add some more.

Have fun!