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## IBMi Toolkit (iit) for Ruby ## Summary The goal of the IBMi Toolkit for Ruby is to make IBM i resources more easily digestible from Ruby without having to write a lot of code. For example, checking to see if a user exists should be a simple API call (i.e. IIT.user_exists? "QSECOFR"). As noted in the **Need Help** section below this project has eventual goals of utilizing the xmlservice Gem on youngiprofessionals.com/wiki It should be noted that this project is highly likely to change over the coming months (i.e. renaming/relocating of methods) so please know that as you adopt. ### Installation ``` ruby ## Gemfile gem 'iit' ``` ``` ruby ## gem install gem install iit ``` ## Basic use ``` ruby ## Check if an IBM i user exists if IIT.user_exists? "QSECOFR" # Do something end # Run SQL statements IIT.run_sql "DELETE * FROM MYTABLE" # Obtain the value from a *DTAARA current_nbr = IIT.DSPDTAARA('MYLIB','MYDTAARA')[:value].to_i ``` ## Need Help * Incorporate XMLSERVICE capabilities as an optional dependency. XMLSERVICE has some very nice facilities for stateful jobs. * Unit tests need some help. RSpec is the testing framework. Fork and pull to add some more. Have fun!