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Cupboard for Android

Cupboard for Android is simple persistence that gets out of your way and is easy to add to your existing code base. We like to think of Cupboard as a simple way to store and retrieve objects. It's not a real ORM as it doesn't manage relations between objects, which keeps things simple.

Design philosophy

We designed Cupboard because the existing persistence frameworks that are out there for Android didn't fit our needs.

  • We wanted something that is not intrusive: you don't have to subclass a specific Activity and your model does not have to extend a special interface or class. You are not forced into the DAO pattern if you don't want to.

  • We wanted something that can cross boundaries: work with the object model throughout your application, not just where the database is managed.

  • We wanted something that would fit in with the existing Android classes like Cursor and ContentValues, so that we can always fallback to the core Android framework.

Get started

Here's the short introduction

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