What's wrong with my use of Markdown?

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Matěj Cepl
created an issue

Unfortunately, documentation on http://pythonhosted.org/b.py/tutorial.html doesn’t provide any guidance for using other than reStructuredText, so when I tried the attached the b.py post comments-on-Zarafa.md failed:

matej@wycliff: blogposty$ b.py help
usage: b.py [-h] [--version] [-s SERVICE]
            {blogs,search,generate,checklink,post} ...
b.py: error: invalid choice: 'help' (choose from 'blogs', 'search', 'generate', 'checklink', 'post')

Using python-2.7.5-7.el7.x86_64 and python-markdwon2 from the master of the repo at https://github.com/trentm/python-markdown2/ When i have attached, what I believe is an identical file in RST, everything works as expected.

Thank you very much for the script anyway.

(edited by @Yu-Jie Lin for formatting)

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  1. Yu-Jie Lin repo owner
    • edited description

    Not sure if this is main cause, but you are using wrong markdown library, it's listed and linked in dependencies, the correct one is this one. I think b.py did give you an error about import error on missing markdown, didn't it?

    Also, the header for Markdown should be like

    title: Couple of thoughts on Zarafa
    labels: Fedora, ourcloud, wordpress
    post content goes here
  2. Yu-Jie Lin repo owner

    Indeed, therefore I have edited the documentation after my last reply to use the general header format and add link to dependencies. However I didn't make a special note about the wrong library issue, because I think that dependencies section should be enough.

    Anyway, if you see anything still unclear, even slightly, please do point out for me by opening a new issue.

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