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using Sphinx to generate documentation
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finalize v0.9.1
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using Sphinx to generate documentation
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fix CHANGES.rst prerequisite of doc target
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require to provide OAuth client ID and secret
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finalize v0.11.0
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conform to PEP8 (not include 4-space indentation style)
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using Sphinx to generate documentation
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cosmetic fix



As of 2016-02-26, this project is under bugfix-only status and you are also required to provide your own OAuth Client ID if you are using b.py with Blogger; and you will need to re-authorize.

If you would like to take over the project, please contact project owner on Bitbucket.

Enabling bloggers to publish posts in their favorite markup language to Blogger or WordPress.


b.py -s blogger post foobar.rst
b.py -s wordpress post foobar.md

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