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 ## Development
+## Version 0.1.1 (2013-02-15T12:07:09Z)
  * add `--update` option to update JSON if input file is updated
+ * urls with different fragments now only be checked once
+ * ignore blank local fragment, i.e. url has only `#`
+ * fix deadlock issue
 ## Version 0.1 (2013-02-13T13:18:32Z)
-    linkcheck [-c CHECKER] [-f FILE] [-j JSON] [-s STATUS]
+    linkcheck [-c CHECKER] [-u|--update] [-f FILE] [-j JSON] [-s STATUS]
 * `CHECKER` is what checker used to process `FILE`.
+* `-u` or `--update` instructs lnkckr to update the JSON with input file. Normally, when `-j JSON` presents, lnkckr ignore the input file.
 * `FILE` is the input filename or URL.
 * `JSON` is the filename of saved progress file. If the `FILE` is a filename, then `FILE` can be omitted, an filename is assigned automatically unless using different filename is desired.
 * `STATUS` indicates re-check url with specific status.
 * `[---]`: the url hasn't been checked.
-* `[xxx]`: where the xxx is the HTTP status code.
+* `[???]`: where the `???` is the HTTP status code.
 * `[###]`: means the fragment in the URL can't be found in the response body in format of `id="<fragment>"`.
 * `[SCH]`: unsupported HTTP scheme.
 * `[SKP]`: the url is skipped.
 * `[RRR]`: the url results reaching maximal redirection limit.
-* `[UKN]`: unknown error.
+* `[XXX]`: unknown error.
 * `[000]`: timeout when trying to check the url.

File lnkckr/

 __description__ = 'Link checking library'
 __copyright__ = 'Copyright 2013, Yu Jie Lin'
 __license__ = 'MIT'
-__version__ = '0.1'
+__version__ = '0.1.1'
 __website__ = ''
 __author__ = 'Yu-Jie Lin'