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  1. Rolf Jagerman

    Not yet, had a hectic 2 weeks with ECIR review deadlines, DIR talk preparation, a DL deadline and my regular research. I'll start on this in the weekend.

  2. Rolf Jagerman

    This turns out to be a lot more tricky than I initially thought. A lot of functionality is dependent on external services such as MongoDB, making it difficult to test in isolation.

    Perhaps we should consider moving to something like SQLAlchemy so we can set up migration/seed scripts. Unit tests can then use an in-memory sqlite database and for development we can use a file-based sqlite database, making it much easier to test and develop.

  3. AnneS reporter

    It should be possible to have end to end test with fixtures. But I'm the first to agree that it isn't trivial. Moving to another backend while maintaining backwards compatibility without end to end test that capture functionality is probably even more difficult though.

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