Unify outcome calculation of API and dashboard?

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Issue #110 new
Peter Dekker created an issue

The number of impressions on the dashboard and via the outcome API are calculated in different ways.

The number of impressions on the participant/site dashboard (http://dashboard.trec-open-search.org/my/ssoar) shows the number of times a site has asked for a ranking (it counts the number of items in the feedback object returned by the db), which should correspond with the number of times it is shown to a user. Not all impressions contain actual feedback.

The "impressions" item in the object the outcome API returns filters on a lot more things, among other, whether actual feedback came in. (this is done by get_comparison()). Also, if the query type is "test", test query impressions/wins/losses are not yet shown during the test period.

Do we want to unify this and calculate API and dashboard impressions in the same way? or is this done deliberately

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