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Issue #19 resolved
Lamjed Ben Jabeur created an issue

Some phython modules are required to excute the following command:

$ ./bin/api -c config/livinglabs.local.ini
ImportError: No module named werkzeug

Here is the list required of modules:

  • werkzeug
  • jinja2
  • itsdangerous
  • six
  • aniso8601
  • pytz
  • wtforms
  • numpy

Comments (7)

  1. Lamjed Ben Jabeur reporter

    should install required modules using the following command

    $ sudo easy_install werkzeug
    $ sudo easy_install jinja2
    $ sudo easy_install itsdangerous
    $ sudo easy_install six
    $ sudo easy_install aniso8601
    $ sudo easy_install pytz
    $ sudo easy_install wtforms
    $ sudo yum install numpy
  2. ILPS

    These are all dependencies of flask and should therefore be taken care of by pip. I take it, that didn't work for you?


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