Endpoint for feedback returns feedback for all queries instead of one

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Issue #37 wontfix
Manos Tsagkias created an issue

/api/participant/feedback/(key)/(qid) returns feedback for all queries and not only for the one requested in the signature. Both approaches are fine, i.e., call the endpoint once and get feedback for all queries, and call the endpoint once per query.

Personally, I prefer the second option (one call per query and get feedback only for the requested query) because it allows for finer control on the data and throttling, and the server experiences less payload.

In either case, either the endpoint signature needs to be updated (remove qid from the signature) or the output of the function shouldn't return a list over all queries.

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  1. AnneS

    Thanks for reporting! It appears to me as if the feedback is for a single query. Would you you have an example url where you get feedback for more than 1 query?

    You may have been confused by the fact that a single query may return multiple feedbacks? I've clarified that in the documentation plus, I've added a missing field to the feedback: the runid. See commit b530b9f


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