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Issue #79 invalid
Manos Tsagkias created an issue

When I call /api/participant/feedback/(key)/(qid) the feedback I get returns all documents with the clicked attribute set to False both for the participant (me) and for the site. The endpoint that returns the outcomes does record clicks on my rankings, but these clicks do not appear in the feedback I get. I attach the latest feedback I got, if that helps.

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  1. AnneS

    Thanks @tsagias .

    I've looked at the outcome for the same query and don't see any clicks there either, see below (there has been an impression since you took the feedback snapshot).

    Do you have an example query with clicks in the outcome and no clicks in the feedback?

    { "outcomes": [ { "impressions": 7, "losses": 0, "outcome": 0.0, "qid": "R-q41", "site_id": "R", "test_period": null, "ties": 7, "type": "train", "wins": 0 } ] }

  2. Manos Tsagkias reporter

    This is the latest version I get, after reporting that there was an impression on this query. I still do not get any document's clicked attribute set to True.

  3. AnneS

    Thanks again Manos.

    Would you have an example query were you see the following:

    • evidence of clicks in the outcome (i.e., at least one win for either site or participant)
    • no clicks in the feedback

    That would help a lot!

  4. Manos Tsagkias reporter

    Thanks Anne. This conversation helped me to better debug my code. I found a nasty bug that prevented clicked documents to be registered.

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