QuikWallet Payment Extension for Prestashop

QuikWallet is a payment gateway providing Visa, Master Card, American Express and Netbanking payments.


  1. Copy all files/folders recursively to the modules directory where your PrestaShop install is located on your hosting/server.
  2. Go into your PrestaShop Admin Modules/Payment Gateways area, install, enable and select QuikWa Payments (Search for QuikWallet if you can not see it).
  3. Click configuration and add your Partner ID, Partner Secret and QuikWallet Server URL shared with you from QuikWallet.
  4. Click Update Settings.

Sample values



url - //API domain specified by QuikWallet for Test/Production

partnerid - 75 //Unique id allotted to each merchant

secret - gA73CzmjhlqfGsJxP7s811ZVmnl70Jky //256-bit key that to be stored securely


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