1. Luc Jean
  2. flatcms_sample



1) Install python 2.6+. python 3.x is not supported yet

2) create a working directory somewhere on your machine

3) We recommend to use virtualenv (https://virtualenv.pypa.io) but it is not mandatory.

4) install django 1.6.6
$> pip install django==1.6.6

5.a) clone the current directory using mercurial

5.b) Another way is to download tortue_logo (django_1.6) (https://bitbucket.org/ljean/flatcms_sample/downloads)
and to copy it in your working directory

6) install the requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

7) Create the database. By default, we use sqlite.
$> python manage.py syncdb --all
The command will ask to create a superuser. We recommend to do it. 

8) finish the database creation
$> python manage.py migrate --fake
$> python manage.py loaddata tortuelogo.json

9) Run the development server
$> python manage.py runserver

10) Launch a *modern* browser and go to Enjoy tortue-logo.

11) This is ok for running it on your local machine. If you want to install it on a server, please read the django documentation.