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Issue #24 resolved
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I'm having an issue with callbacks not working, and I can't for the life of me figure out why.

I'm using the code along with wordpress events manager as follows :

        events: {
            <?php if (class_exists('EM_Events')) {
                echo EM_Events::output(array(
                    'format'=>'"#_{Y-m-d}": {
                        "number": "1",
                        "url": "#_EVENTURL",
                        "dayEvents": [
                              "name": "#_EVENTNAME",
                              "starttime": "#_24HSTARTTIME",
                              "endtime": "#_24HENDTIME"
                    },') );  
            } ?>    
        onActiveDayClick: function(events) {
            alert('Active click');
        onDayClick: function(events) {
            alert('Day click');

The EM_Events::output call is working fine and successfully populating the calendar with the events, but the callbacks aren't having any effect. None-active days do nothing (no errors reported in the console), and active days the URL takes hold and the new page loads.

Please advise, especially if I'm doing something stupid.



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  1. Georgi Georgiev

    I am having a similar problem with active events: none of the active events are working:

    function init_Calendar() {
        var now = moment()
        var calendar = $('#calendar');
        var settings = new Object();
        var month = now.month() + 1;
        month = addLeadingZero(month);
        settings.time = now.year() + '-' + month;
        settings.onMonthChange = loadEventsForMonth;  //works
        settings.onInit = loadEventsForMonth; //works
        settings.onDayClick = onDay; //works
        settings.onActiveDayClick = function(events){ //does not work fires onDayClick only...
  2. Georgi Georgiev

    Well this is strange. I do not know why it is not working for me. I am using exactly the code I posted above and I do not see nothing wrong with it. Its is also not much different from yours. I soled it by checking if the day has active class in the onDayClick event.

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