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Kshitij Bantupalli created an issue

Is there anyway I can repostion the date to the top right in the cell and add content in a cell

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  1. Kshitij Bantupalli reporter

    got it, the css is a bit tricky, if I change something the whole calender moves. But with a little bit of padding, and text-alignment, I got it. You want me to branch and push it?

    Edit : Just realised the repo isn't public. Lol, sorry.

  2. Lukasz Kokoszkiewicz repo owner

    Yes it's not :).

    Anyway, I know that it's pretty easy to achieve as I was actually done that in my previous project. In fact, maybe it's a nice option to have inside calendar

  3. Kshitij Bantupalli reporter

    One more thing, If I had to display my events in the calendar panel, how do I get several events to display without them being inline?

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