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Amir Shaheen created an issue

My events are changing on monthly basis but i am unable to loaded newly fetched items to calendar. please guide me My code $(".responsive-calendar").responsiveCalendar({ time: '<?php echo date('Y-m'); ?>', events: <?php echo $Full_calender; ?>, startFromSunday: false, <?php if ($experience_detail['is_without_deadline'] == 1) {?> onMonthChange: function() { var year_month = this.currentYear+"-"+zeroPad(((this.currentMonth % 12) + 1), 2); $.ajax({ url: "<?php echo site_url("experience/load_exp_days/" . $experience_detail['id']); ?>/" + year_month+"/"+"<?php echo $experience_detail['timetable_validity_start']; ?>", success: function(events) { alert(events); $('.responsive-calendar').responsiveCalendar('clear'); $(".responsive-calendar").responsiveCalendar({ time: '<?php echo date('Y-m'); ?>', events: events, startFromSunday: false, }); } }); }, <?php }?>

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  1. Amir Shaheen reporter


    its my mistake that i am not mentioning dataType in my ajax call, just added that line and its resolved.


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