A .NET validation and specification strengthening tool


Contractor.NET is a tool developed to construct contract specifications with typestate information which can be used for verification of client code. Contractor.NET uses and extends Code Contracts to provide stronger contract specifications.

It features a two step process: first, a class source code is analyzed to extract a finite state behavior model (in the form of a typestate) that is amenable to human-in-the-loop validation and refinement. The second step is to augment the original contract specification for the input class with the inferred typestate information, therefore enabling the verification of client code.

The inferred typestates are enabledness preserving: a level of abstraction that has been successfully used to validate software artifacts, assisting in the detection of a number of concerns in various case studies including specifications of Microsoft Server protocols.

Contractor.NET is based on Contractor, a previous work by the same authors.

Using Contractor.NET

In order to use the tool to analyse a class the tool needs the assembly which contains the type. Apart from that, contracts anotations are required to get meaningful information about the type invariant and the preconditions of each method.

Right now, we resort to contracts provided by the Diagnostics.Contracts namespace included in the .NET framework. Since Code Contracts puts those contracts in a separate file both assemblies are required to create the EPA. However, before removing the contracts a copy of the original is stored in the "$(PROJECTDIR)\obj\Debug\Decl" directory. It's recommended to use this assembly to avoid using two assemblies :).

Getting Contractor.NET

The current release of Contractor.NET is available for download at

To access the source code, use the bitbucket repository:

git clone

By default, the application should work properly using the compiled Corral version included in this repository. It is currently Z3 x86 v4.3.1.

To use Code Contracts as a backend, we have tested it with version 1.9.10714.2.


In order to build Contractor.NET a few dependencies are needed. Some of them come as NuGet packages and the rest are available in this repository.

However, if you need to debug the code you should grab the source code for this dependencies:

  • Corral
git clone
git checkout 6f63184
  • Boogie
git clone
git checkout 87e1e7b
  • Z3
git clone
git checkout 89c1785
  • Bytecode Translator
git clone
git checkout c397a3e

Eventually, this should be merged with the official repository.

  • CCI AST Download from: (Some changes weren't uploaded yet, since we are waiting for a git repository)

  • Code Contracts git clone

More Information


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