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Command line utility that create files from templates.

example usage:

$ gocreate
$ gocreate -help
$ gocreate file -help
$ gocreate file mymodule
$ gocreate package mypackage

You can change template directory by defining an environment variable $GOTEMPLATE where live your templates. (by default $GOPATH/src/

You may want to change the template files 'copyright' and 'author' if you don't want to have my name that appear in all your source files.

Add a template

Before starting creating your template see defaults templates.

  $ gocreate template mytemplate
modify the template: see the doc of [template package] to help using template vars
copy the template folder to your templates folder (see gocreate -help to see where is your templates folder):
  $ mv mytemplate $GOPATH/src/
  $ mv mytemplate $GOTEMPLATE 
if you have defined $GOTEMPLATE environment variable

Recent activity


AnonymousUser reported issue #4 to llg/gocreate

Incorrect permissions for created directory

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