llibra avatar llibra committed c9088b5

Added the new utility macro WITH-KCMALLOCED-POINTERS.

This is a "multiple" version of WITH-KCMALLOCED-POINTER.

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   (:nicknames :kc.util)
   (:use :cl :cffi :kc.ffi)
   (:export :with-allocated-foreign-string :with-allocated-foreign-strings
-           :with-kcmalloced-pointer :aif/ptr :it :set-method->ffi-symbol))
+           :with-kcmalloced-pointer :with-kcmalloced-pointers :aif/ptr :it
+           :set-method->ffi-symbol))
 (defpackage :kyoto-cabinet.error
   (:nicknames :kc.err)
      (unwind-protect (progn ,@body)
        (kcfree ,var))))
+(defmacro with-kcmalloced-pointers (bindings &body body)
+  (destructuring-bind (binding . rest) bindings
+    (if rest
+        `(with-kcmalloced-pointer ,binding
+           (with-kcmalloced-pointers ,rest ,@body))
+        `(with-kcmalloced-pointer ,binding ,@body))))
 (defmacro aif/ptr (test then &optional else)
   `(let ((it ,test))
      (if (null-pointer-p it) ,else ,then)))
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