Pygame 1.9.2, the SDL 2 version (Pygame 1.10)

A version of Pygame 1.9.2 which uses SDL 2 instead of SDL 1.2

A work in progress.


This patch on Pygame 1.9.2 replaces SDL 1.2 with SDL 2 as the back end library, while trying to stay compatible with Pygame 1.9.2. It adds no new features to Pygame.

Installing: gnu-linux

Requires SDL2, SDL2_mixer, SDL2_image, SDL2_ttf, portmidi

The patched Pygame builds and installs the same as unpatched Pygame when building against the SDL 2.0.2 distributed with Linux. However, SDL 2.0.2 has buggy 24 bit surface support (fixed in GIT).


  • scrap module
  • gfxdraw module
  • fastevent module (?)


  • cdrom module
  • overlay module