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White space cleanup

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          * Load the corresponding glyph from the cache
         glyph = _PGFT_Cache_FindGlyph(*((FT_UInt32 *)ch), mode,
-                                     &ftext->glyph_cache, &context);
+                                      &ftext->glyph_cache, &context);
         if (!glyph) {
         prev_glyph_index = glyph->glyph_index;
-	metrics = vertical ? &glyph->v_metrics : &glyph->h_metrics;
-	if (metrics->bearing_rotated.y > top) {
+        metrics = vertical ? &glyph->v_metrics : &glyph->h_metrics;
+        if (metrics->bearing_rotated.y > top) {
             top = metrics->bearing_rotated.y;
         if (pen.x + metrics->bearing_rotated.x < min_x) {
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