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Updated version strings for 1.8.0rc4.

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File lib/version.py

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 releases. (hmm, until we get to versions > 10)
-ver =   '1.8.0rc3'
+ver =   '1.8.0rc4'
 vernum = 1,8,0

File readme.html

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 <font size=+5><b>Pygame Readme</b></font>
 </td></tr><tr><td align=left width=33%><big>
-Version 1.8.0rc3
+Version 1.8.0rc4
 </td><td align=center width=34%><big>

File readme.txt

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    Pygame Readme
-   Version 1.8.0rc3 Python Game Development
-   by Pete Shinners http://www.pygame.org
+   Version 1.8.0rc4 Python Game Development
+   by Pete Shinners and others http://www.pygame.org

File setup.py

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     "name":             "pygame",
-    "version":          "1.8.0rc3",
+    "version":          "1.8.0rc4",
     "license":          "LGPL",
     "url":              "http://www.pygame.org",
-    "author":           "Pete Shinners",
+    "author":           "Pete Shinners, Rene Dudfield, Marcus von Appen, Bob Pendleton, others...",
     "author_email":     "pygame@seul.org",
     "description":      "Python Game Development",
     "long_description": DESCRIPTION,