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A preliminary module import tracker.

This package tracks module imports and can generate a report on program
completion. It has been added to Pygame's SVN with the purpose of
incorporating it into the unit tests. The package still needs testing.
The package has been successfully tried on a zipped package.

See the and for usage examples.


rev 1745: - Made optional the recording of a submodule import as an
            access on the containing package.
          - Added preliminary unit test checker.
          - Simplified checkmod data collection in importer and module.
            Replaced with some extra report generation overhead in reporter.

rev 1743: - Added optional module pattern to limit which modules are monitored.
          - Added optional continuous attribute access recording.

rev 1741: - Added a data inspection API.
          - Now have a data collection stop function.
          - For testing, reload resets the entire package.
          - Readied for capture of all module attribute accesses.

rev 1740: - Report generation now optional.
          - Added a record end feature.
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