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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles 720p Movies


Foo Umbrella Chronicles serves as a summary of the Resident Evil story, documenting the events of Resident Evil 0, 1, 3 and Code Veronica. It introduces a new story element documenting the collapse of Umbrella in lead up to Resident Evil 4. This game was never meant to be one of the main games in the series. However, it does have a lot of information pertaining to it, and as such fans should buy it. The game is done as an on-rails shooter, it may not seem appealing at first, but this game is the first Resident Evil game thats pick-up and play. The story inside the game is contradictory to the true events of the series, but in the extra notes you find, it explains things clearly. Sure, the game is only a shooter, but it succeeds at what it is, and was never advertised to be something more.<br/><br/>This game to play is much more fun than Resident Evil 4, and with the files collected in it, tell a much better, more solid story than Resident Evil 4, though neither games involve much thought to play. If you&#39;re a Resident Evil fan, and like the classics, buy it, you won&#39;t be sorry, but if you&#39;re simply one from the masses of Resident Evil 4 players, who think they know something about the series, don&#39;t buy it. This is a new sort of incarnation for the series in many ways. It eliminates the survival-horror and replaces it with running and gunning. Not that this is a bad thing - I quite enjoyed the change of pace from &quot;how do I combine these things?&quot;, &quot;what does this thing even do?&quot; and &quot;Oh, God, I forgot to use this back there, now I have to backtrack&quot; to the much less frustrating &quot;shoot, kill, throw grenade, listen to one-liner, shoot some more&quot;. There is no new story to absorb, just a refurbished stroll through the Resident Evil time-line, which makes storytelling as simple as replaying key events from throughout the series. It isn&#39;t groundbreaking or revolutionary in any way, just another installment in the franchise. However, I liked the added behind-the-scenes levels which told a bit more about the shady Umbrella Corporation and the backstories of certain characters, and the linearity helps to explain the sequence of events more. There isn&#39;t much about this game I can hold to fault, just don&#39;t buy it expecting any new story lines. All in all, it is a solid rail shooter without any serious defects save for the fact that Albert Wesker&#39;s cretinous voice seems to want to narrate the entire game.

Its possible that the man was Oswell E. Spensor, the founder of Umbrella. Very likely no, because this one game summerizes all the events that led up to the closure of Umbrella&#39;s enterprise. There was a chance that another game or version of this one would include the events of Resident Evil 2 and Outbreak (considering the RE 3 portion is the Outbreak levels).<br/><br/>However, an official sequel has already been released in 2009, called RE: Darkside Chronicles. It contains many events from RE2 and RE: Code Veronica, that were not included in Chronicles. It focusses more on the personal stories of the people involved, and less on Umbrella, which is probably the reason why it wasn&#39;t simply called Umbrella Chronicles 2. Colonel Sergei Vladimir was a high ranking executive of the Umbrella Corporation, highly recognized as the company&#39;s Captain of the Guard, and Ozwell E. Spencer&#39;s most loyal officer. <br/><br/>History<br/><br/>Sergei Vladimir was an officer in Umbrella&#39;s Paramilitary service. During his army days, he held the rank of colonel and was still referred to by the rank over ten years after. His right eye was left blind after an accident in battle. With the sanctuary of the Soviet Union destroyed, Russia robbed of its former glory, Sergei was kindly given a most powerful position by Spencer, whom he received his orders from directly. The two would become close friends and Sergei would adapt a strong loyalty to Spencer in eternal gratitude, making sure that any of his superior&#39;s wishes, even the most radical, were carried out by any means necessary. He was involved in Tyrant research, and his experience in military affairs had made him instrumental in the founding of Umbrellas private militia, the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service.<br/><br/>During his time at Umbrella, Sergei grew a heated rivalry with another close employee of Spencer, Albert Wesker. Wesker seemed to have ulterior motives and grew suspicious of Spencer&#39;s intentions as well. Sergei believed that Wesker could not be trusted and would inevitably betray the company and its leader. Both men were always at each other&#39;s throats, and as Wesker&#39;s superior, Sergei was often displeased to find Wesker not obeying orders to the letter and would never hesitate to punish him for failure or remind him who was in charge. Wesker did not seem to be daunted by Sergei&#39;s threats, but the two men held a mutual respect for one another regardless and kept a close eye on one another. <br/><br/>Tyrant involvement<br/><br/>As one of the rare individuals whose genetic make-up was capable of producing a Tyrant, Sergei became the genetic model for the majority of Umbrella&#39;s later Tyrant program, beyond the T-001 and T-002 projects initiated by the team led by Albert Wesker and William Birkin. Sergei also ordered the re-engineering of two T-103 Tyrants in order to produce his personal bodyguards, known as &quot;Ivan&quot;. The 10 clones of Sergei would later form the basis of the T-103 model, which shaped every Umbrella manufactured Tyrant model thereafter. The mass production of T-103&#39;s which was spearheaded on Sheena Island was based on the initial Sergei clones, whilst T-103&#39;s implanted with the NE- Parasite became Nemesis T-Type.<br/><br/>Vladimir was also very involved in science works, and the Tyrant project. Although not as scientifically skilled as other noted scientists such as Alexia and Alexander Ashford, he was incredibly intelligent, and his masterpiece Tyrant was undoubtedly T-A.L.O.S., which he lead the creation of. He continually aided the production of his Ivans, mostly by contributing DNA and testing psychological variables he could create from the original, T-103 line. <br/><br/>U.M.F.-013 and the Red Queen<br/><br/>At the Umbrella Corporation Management Training facility, Sergei ordered one of his Ivans&#39; to &quot;punish&quot; Wesker for his failure to bring the facility up and running. Wesker barely escaped with his life, with only the destruction of the facility giving him a chance to escape. Afterwards, Sergei and his bodyguard went to the Arklay Mountains Spencer estate. Rebecca Chambers quietly watched him exit the mansion alongside the Ivan carrying the T-A.L.O.S. prototype. They were attacked by a group of Cerberus&#39;s, the Ivan easily dispatching them. Sergei was then sent to Raccoon City to retreive the U.M.F.-013 computer core, which Sergei had loaded all of Umbrella&#39;s data onto. The helicopter also transported an Unnamed Umbrella Officer on board, who thought Sergei was reckless for stealing the core from the company, despite the fact that it was at Spencer&#39;s orders. Sergei, being &quot;unstable&quot; for this move in the employee&#39;s eyes, took the remark as a joke and pointed out how none of history&#39;s heroes are stable in their actions. Sergei also acknowledged how the core&#39;s data would allow Umbrella to rise from the ashes of defeat. Ada Wong managed to hitch a ride on the computer core as it was towed away below the copter, going unnoticed by Sergei. The missile launched by the government destroyed Raccoon City the next moment, passing merely feet away from the helicopter as Sergei watched.<br/><br/>Sergei saw himself going down in history as a hero because of the last task Ozwell E. Spencer had left him with. After Raccoon City&#39;s destruction, the government got suspicious of Umbrella and it&#39;s position in the world was dwindling, making it a sinking ship and no longer a sanctuary for his plans. Spencer had no choice but to futher distance himself from the public eye, which he had never stayed close to in the first place. However, before going into hiding, Spencer needed someone to take charge of what was left of his corporation. He chose Sergei, his most faithful and loyal subordinate, confident he would be able to uphold the seemingly doomed company. Sergei was named the chief executive officer of Umbrella some time between 1998 and 2003. It is likely the two still maintained contact behind the scenes. As his first decree as Umbrella&#39;s leader, Sergei moved all company data and assets to the Caucasus facility disguised as an oil refinery.<br/><br/>Wesker himself infiltrated the base at the same time a Biohazard wiped out some 98% of the research staff. Wesker managed to take a train to the main shaft where he met Sergei a second time. This time, Sergei sent both of his Ivans to kill him. An attack team lead by Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine entered the base, with the intention of destroying Umbrella for good. None of that would have been possible if not for Wesker&#39;s actions. Sergei stood in the way of Wesker&#39;s attempt to steal the U.M.F.-013&#39;s data and, after releasing the T-A.L.O.S. to fight Chris and Jill, he mutated into a huge Tyrant (indication that he infected himself moments before Wesker caught him). During the fight, Sergei seemed to enjoy the blows of pain Wesker issued to his weak point, evidencing a loose of sanity. Despite Sergei&#39;s immense strength, agility and organic weaponry, Wesker destroyed him, putting an end to his delusions that Umbrella and the Tyrants, his &quot;brothers&quot;, would usher in a new era for mankind. The company&#39;s final leader defeated, Wesker stole all of the data, compressed into one disc, and shut down the Red Queen. The base was decomissioned and all data was erased in the process, ending Sergei&#39;s plans and sealing Umbrella&#39;s fate. The Red Queen Computer System was a highly advanced Umbrella computer voiced by Tara Platt. It was first seen during the &quot;Beginnings 1&quot; scenario from Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. Its Primary Objective: Oversight and protection of Umbrella assets. Secondary Objective: Protection of Umbrella officer lives. Its Third Objective is unknown because Wesker destroyed the computer screen before it was revealed.<br/><br/>It was originally integrated into the Arklay Research Facility but was moved away by Sergei Vladimir during the t-virus outbreak in 1998. Albert Wesker first met the Red Queen in 1998. While trying to retrieve Umbrella&#39;s information through a computer, the Red Queen cut off his access and introduced herself. This caused Wesker to destroy the computer&#39;s monitor in a moment of anger and to vow revenge to the Queen.<br/><br/>It was last seen by Wesker in the Russian Facility, where he managed to save the entire Umbrella history into a single Red Queen integrated disk. He then erased the computer&#39;s memory, finally claiming his revenge on it. The memory erase code is &quot;ELC34791203400K01020390&quot;. The largest new addition is the subplot surrounding a new character called Sergei Vladimir. Vladimir was a former colonel in the Soviet Army, who became a high-ranking Umbrella officer and a confidant of its founder, Ozwell E. Spencer. Vladimir is first seen when Wesker tries to escape the Umbrella Training Facility (which occurs during the events of Resident Evil 0); he punishes Wesker for his incompetence by sending his personal bodyguard (a modified Tyrant) at him, but Wesker manages top escape. We later see Vladimir on the day before Resident Evil, when Rebecca and Richard see him getting out of the Arklay Mountain mansion, and his guard carries a body-like item (which is later revealed to be the TALOS project). He is also seen in Ada Wong&#39;s scenario (which is set around the time of Resident Evil 3) escaping in a helicopter together with an unknown man (rumoured to be Ozwell Spencer himself) and the Red Queen data core. He subsequently moves the TALOS and Red Queen to an Umbrella base in the Caucasus mountains, which is invaded by a team led by Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine six years later. Wesker is the one who ultimately finishes off Vladimir and exposes Umbrella&#39;s illegal activities to the authorities, after which the company is finally finished.<br/><br/>Other new parts are subplots that are inferred in the Resident Evil storyline. E.g. Wesker gets reborn after the Tyrant killed him, and escapes the Mansion. (July 23, 1998) 646f9e108c

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