This page is a quick overview for eihort. See eihort's wiki for more information and help.


  • eihort is the OpenGL based, interactive, highly adaptable, long view-distance, 3D world viewer for Minecraft
  • created by Lloigor with contributions from exp, rebio and erich666
  • latest Version: 0.4.1 (download now)

.installation instructions

.startup instructions

  • Linux (TBA)
  • Mac (TBA)
  • Windows (TBA)

.bugs and issues

If you found a bug choose one or more options from the list below.

  • Create a new Topic on eihort's Issue List
  • Contact user rebio on bitbucket
  • Add a note on eihort's page on the Minecraft Froum
  • Contact user rebio on the Minecraft Froum

DON'T PANIC: A qualified answer may take some days!