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The blog entry at is based on the b1-tag.

Meanwhile, new functionality has been added.

The demo that has been shown at JavaOne 2014 will be added gradually in the branch "javaone"

Download and install

$ hg clone

Build the desktop version:

gradle build

Build the LeapMotion version:

gradle -PLEAPSDK=/path/to/leapmotion/LeapSDK build

Run the LeapMotion version:

gradle -info -PLEAPSDK=/opt/leapsdk leapmotion:run

or without gradle:

java -Djava.library.path=/home/johan/leap/latest/LeapSDK/lib/x64 -cp build/libs/OpenMapFX.jar:/home/johan/leap/latest/LeapSDK/lib/LeapJava.jar:leapmotion/build/libs/leapmotion.jar org.lodgon.openmapfx.leapmotion.LeapMotionMapView

Build the Android version: update the file and execute the following commands

gradle build android:preparenative
cd android/native
ant debug

The resulting apk is in the bin directory