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Martin von Löwis  committed 8ffb137

Mark verify_signature_directly as internal function.

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File openid2rp/__init__.py

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         return url+"?"+urllib.urlencode(data)
 # 11.4.2 Verifying Directly with the OpenID Provider
-def verify_signature_directly(op_endpoint, response):
+def _verify_signature_directly(op_endpoint, response):
     '''Request that the OP verify the signature via Direct Verification'''
     request = [('openid.mode', 'check_authentication')]
     if session:
         signed = authenticate(session, response)
-        verify_signature_directly(op_endpoint, response)
+        _verify_signature_directly(op_endpoint, response)
         signed = response['openid.signed'][0].split(',')
     # Check the nonce. OpenID 1.1 doesn't have them