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+Django Authentication Module
+.. module:: openid2rp
+A small Django authentication backend for OpenID, based on the openid2rp package.
+It is automatically installed together with openid2rp. 
+In order to get the Django database magic right, you need to add 'openid2rp.django' to your 
+INSTALLED_APPS list in You also need to add 'openid2rp.django.auth.Backend' to the
+list of authentication backends. Example::
+	'django.contrib.auth',
+	'django.contrib.contenttypes',
+	'django.contrib.sessions',
+	'django.contrib.sites',
+	'django.contrib.admin',
+	'openid2rp.django',
+	'<yourapp>.front'
+  )
+	'django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend',
+	'openid2rp.django.auth.Backend'
+  )
+The database is extended with one table for the	 OpenID identifier storage. 
+Therefore, make sure that you call "python syncdb" ones 
+after installing this package.
+In contrast to most other Django OpenID authentication packages, this one
+does not try to cover any view aspects. It also keeps the nature of openid2rp
+by assuming that you know how OpenID works. 
+Since the Django authentication framework is not prepared for a multi-step auth scenario with several 
+inputs and outputs, you need to call a preparation function ("preAuthenticate") from the module
+before you can use the Django authenticate() method. make sure that you use the correct keyword
+arguments in the authenticate() call.
+Session storage is based on a module-scope variable. I was to lazy to decode the openid2rp session dict
+for the database storing and lifetime checking. There is also no Nonce checking so far.
+The explicit modeling of each exceptional case hopefully allows you to realize an according 
+reaction in your view rendering. 

File doc/index.rst

 Welcome to openid2rp!
+.. toctree::
+   django
 .. module:: openid2rp
 This is a library to implement OpenID 2.0 Relying Parties (RP). The RP