openid2rp / .hgtags

dfafea920b934ea2d45a921001f4cbfdf71892d4 1.0
6c9451f868c9ea2f37c4ae499a670a59380cfc09 1.1
e9dc7471d766dd909fa8e3e14231688054fd0b8f 1.1.1
77320e6ca1e6da7a1390b287386b72c189ab92b7 1.2
2bccd3b0784e197e90645e106bbc1300c90d3699 1.3
6d3ad02c7b419d8f794789b757685a5b3d9571a6 1.4
ce1a446e1876ead4f924e8afd0efbb294bedd6c1 1.6
d0dbbd2ba4e5cad70d3aaa14d54bc3a8caf6b556 1.7
896037730445a23366f9bb691547776eb6895c34 1.8
72ce2cf831f339f51e7d3025b7e337348f9f80b1 1.9
72ce2cf831f339f51e7d3025b7e337348f9f80b1 1.9
a0a3075a34f1246ececb01bd54cb451eeb997c2a 1.9
f60345f8bb0cea80cb60b4bca602abc9eb7be361 1.10
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