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Remove obsolete script

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-# Move fooindex.html into foo/index.html
-import sys, os
-for f in os.listdir(sys.argv[1] + "/web/simple"):
-    f = sys.argv[1] + "/web/simple/" + f
-    if not os.path.isdir(f): continue
-    if not os.path.exists(f + "index.html"): continue
-    src = os.stat(f+"index.html")
-    try:
-        dest = os.stat(f+"/index.html")
-    except OSError:
-        os.rename(f+"index.html", f+"/index.html")
-    else:
-        if src.st_mtime < dest.st_mtime:
-            os.unlink(f+"index.html")
-        else:
-            os.unlink(f+"/index.html")
-            os.rename(f+"index.html", f+"/index.html")
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