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pep381run wont download package

created an issue

The pep381run simply print out “Synchronizing xxx” (xxx is the package name) but doesnt download any package to the target dir.

I'm on a Windows7. The original pep381run has to be rename to pep381run.py to make it runnable on Windows. Here is the session I run:

E:\tmp>pep381run.py py-pkgs
Synchronizing bang
Synchronizing pysolr
Synchronizing utf7

Here is the question on stackoverflow.

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  1. Matthew Copperwaite

    So the issue specifically is that PyPI now enforces HTTPS. It asks pep381client to redirect to the HTTPS address but pep381client silently ignores the problem, even if it didn't because it uses httplib.HTTPConnection it can't handle the HTTPS connection.

    I fixed it for our purposes here along with some changes to deal with our somewhat lossy internet connection so now it uses HTTPS and sent a pull request but since the last commit was 2011 I'm not confident this will ever be updated. My code is housed here:


    To be honest none of this seems more complicated than what you could do with WGET and a few args but anyway ;)

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