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Issue #9 new

pep381run does not always retrieve all files

Andrew McFague
created an issue

It appears that a fresh run of the client (plus subsequent runs) failed to bring in several hundreds of libraries. The packages themselves exist on PyPi, but do not appear in the mirrored version.

For example, I am using webunit as the example here. The files SQLite database has no record of the webunit; the running table is also empty. Neither the packages (source or otherwise), nor the simple interface contain any of the files--although the simple interface has empty directories created. I can confirm that most of the missing directories should have files, but do not by comparing it to the official PyPi server.

Repeated runs of pep381run do not bring in the missing files, even after cleaning the empty directories. pep381checkfiles indicates that a good deal of the files are missing, although it doesn't seem to catch them all.