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+PyPI SSH Access
+For a long time, PyPI access required HTTP basic authentication with username and password.
+Even though OpenID is supported as well today, this cannot work for use in the distutils
+register and upload commands. In addition to these two methods, PyPI also supports
+authentication with an SSH key.
+To use this feature, upload your SSH key into the PyPI's 
+`Your Details <http://pypi.python.org/pypi?%3Aaction=user_form>`_ form. As distutils
+currently doesn't support using such a connection, this package performs heavy
+monkey-patching of distutils to make it use the system's ssh command. Users using
+this package should run ssh-agent (which runs automatically in the background on
+many systems) and load their PyPI key into the ssh agent.
+This release requires an "ssh" binary in the path. It has been tested only on Mac OS X.
+The source code and bug tracker for this package is available on 
+`Bitbucket <https://bitbucket.org/loewis/pypissh>`_.

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             self.install_dir = os.path.join(sys.prefix, "lib", "site-packages")
-      version='1.0',
+      version='1.1',
       description='PyPI SSH Access',
+      long_description=open("README").read(),
       author='Martin v. Loewis',