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Work around upload only support http and https.

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 def build_opener(*handlers):
     return urllib2.build_opener(HTTPSSHHandler, *handlers)
+# insists on only supporting http and https URLs
+# Fake one, and make urlopen replace that with a httpssh URL
+_goodprefix = 'httpssh://'
+_badprefix = ''
 _opener = None
-def urlopen(url, data=None, timeout=socket._GLOBAL_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT):
+def urlopen(req, data=None, timeout=socket._GLOBAL_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT):
     global _opener
     if _opener is None:
         _opener = build_opener()
-    return, data, timeout)
+    if req.get_full_url().startswith(_badprefix):
+        # parse type, then overwrite
+        req.get_type()
+        req.type = 'httpssh'
+    return, data, timeout)
 def monkeypatch():
     import pypissh # ourselves
     from distutils.config import PyPIRCCommand
     register.urllib2 = pypissh
     upload.urlopen = urlopen
-    PyPIRCCommand.DEFAULT_REPOSITORY = 'httpssh://'
+    PyPIRCCommand.DEFAULT_REPOSITORY = _badprefix
 if __name__=='__main__':
-    #import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
     f = urlopen('httpssh://')
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