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Update the URLs for the required eGenix packages.

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 (a version that includes <app>sgmlop</app> and <app>expat</app>),</item>
 <item>the Python Imaging Library (available from
 <link href=""></link>)</item>
-<item>The experimental eGenix mx Extension for Python (available from
-<link href=""></link>).</item>
+<item>The eGenix mx experimental package (available from
+<link href=""></link>).</item>
 <item>URL (available from <link href="root:url/index.html"></link>),</item>
 <item>ANSIStyle (available from <link href="root:ansistyle/index.html"></link>),</item>
 <item>and a C++ compiler supported by <app>distutils</app>, if you want