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The href of a stylesheet link wasn't applied to the stylesheet itself (only to the imported stylesheets in it).

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 *	Fixed a bug in :func:`ll.xist.css.iterrules` that surfaced when a
 	:var:`base` argument was given.
+*	Fixed a second bug in :func:`ll.xist.css.iterrules` where the ``href`` of a
+	:class:`link` element wasn't applied to the URLs in the stylesheet.
 Changes in 3.1 (released 01/18/2008)

File src/ll/xist/

 	havemedia = _getmedia(parentsheet)
 	if wantmedia is None or not havemedia or wantmedia in havemedia:
+		replaceurls(parentsheet, prependbase)
 		for rule in parentsheet.cssRules:
 			if rule.type == css.CSSRule.IMPORT_RULE:
 				href = url.URL(rule.href)
 					text =
 				sheet = css.CSSStyleSheet(href=str(href), media=havemedia, parentStyleSheet=parentsheet)
 				sheet.cssText = text
-				replaceurls(sheet, prependbase)
 				for rule in _doimport(wantmedia, sheet, href):
 					yield rule
 			elif rule.type == css.CSSRule.MEDIA_RULE: