[PATCH] brain: pygi: Fix function inspection on newer pygobject

Issue #22 resolved
Cole Robinson created an issue

Newer pyobject uses some local class FunctionInfo to export functions, and the pygi brain module doesn't handle it. So there's tons of no-member warnings

This patch alters the inspection to fallback to assuming anything 'callable' is a function, and everything left over is a constant. The latter bit fixes some issues I see using Gdk constants

Comments (5)

  1. Cole Robinson reporter

    Okay, should the pull request be against astroid or brain? honestly the split confuses me at this point (this is where something like a git submodule would help...)

  2. Sylvain Thénault

    this should go to pylint-brain, as everything under astroid/brain. While it
    would be nice, Unfortunatly I don't think bitbucket support subrepos.

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