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Added tag logilab-common-version-0_39_0 for changeset 9aeb6a608dc1
missing some test data
actually needs to remove tests
should not have commited this
ValueError may occurs
restore messages (make fail pylint tests...)
add test for zip/egg module search
_module_file checks for zip import
setuptools control
backport Sandro Tosi 0.38.1-1 changes
update ChangeLog
strip text to diff
USE_MX_DATETIME global to control usage of mx.DateTime / py datetime
nicer message
allows to skip a module by raising TestSkipped from module import
add profile option to testlib. this uses cProfile and complements hotshot used by pytest
Aurelien Campeas
Aurelien Campeas
Added tag logilab-common-debian-version-0_38_1-1 for changeset 66ff0c43f980
Aurelien Campeas
Added tag logilab-common-version-0_38_1 for changeset 13e78c8fa8db
Aurelien Campeas
actually fix #7915
Alexandre Fayolle
Sandro Tosi's packaging enhancements
Alexandre Fayolle
next release will be 0.38.1
Alexandre Fayolle
fix #7915
[decorators] new monkeypatch decorator (simple class extension)
restore assertion commeted in last checkin
[testlib] teardown_module() is now given the TestResult for possible postprocessing
use join
Julien Jehannet
generate MANIFEST with distutils
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