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generalise mx/datetime switch to be used by umessage
Emile Anclin
Emile Anclin
debug and improve sphinxutils
Emile Anclin
use endswith method
Sandrine Ribeau
Add adaptater for datetime.
Emile Anclin
fix double ".dot" extension using outpufile=""
Emile Anclin
add a little sphinx utils
Stephanie Marcu
don't add -h option if dbhost is None
update copyright
replace policy, since mysql unicode config is a pain and is usually broken at a first glance
[adbh] remove trailing whitespaces + fix mysqldb boolean handling Some versions of MySQLdb don't understand True and False and need explicit 1 or 0 values (boolean being stored as TINYINT(1))
simpler to use dict.get...
don't print default for store_true / store_false option / option with None as default
Emile Anclin
have a link to in docstring
Emile Anclin
fix typos; little code _get_cycle simplification
Dorothée Sénéchal
New release 0.39.1
Dorothée Sénéchal
Added missing *.py file
Dorothée Sénéchal
added myself to uploaders
Dorothée Sénéchal
[#6760] the decode_QP function always handles encoded lines with no charset definition
Nicolas Chauvat
fix links in README
new dictattr simple type
make Interface a new style class
missing dot
Added tag logilab-common-debian-version-0_39_0-1 for changeset e82db5b7f186
Added tag logilab-common-version-0_39_0 for changeset 9aeb6a608dc1
missing some test data
actually needs to remove tests
should not have commited this
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