Logmessage Scribe reads a git patch and produces a template for a logmessage, which you can then use to write a great logmessage that explains the rationale behind your work.

See some sample output which was produced from this sampler.patch.

Logmessage Scribe currently works for C and Cmake (very rudimentary) but will soon also work for python and java. It will also work for svn patches soon.

Tips on writing good logmessages can be found in the Subversion Community Guide

Google Apps

Logmessage Scribe is a hosted webapp on Google Appengine:


If you'd like to contribute, please send email to:

Current plans:

  • write the python module
  • write the java module
  • cater for svn diffs

Other language modules can also be added easily.

How to run and test        --- commandline tool.  
                     $ ./ -p path/to/patch   --- run all the current tests
                     $ ./      --- container for running a single test, instead of the
                     entire script.
                     Useful if you like to use coverage:

How this is built            --- Commandline tool that calls --- Google Apps main page tool and input form.   --- Splits the patch in lines and decides 
                         which language module to use.      --- provides a fake header for different languages for 
                         the tests.         --- translates C parts of a patch     --- translates CMake parts of a patch    --- translates python parts of a patch

Additional Information

This is written in Python 2.7 because Google Apps does not support Python 3 yet. Should not matter all that much, updating it automagically just results in the print statements being updated.