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Python Client for GAE Channel API

A python client implementation for Google Appengine Channel API.

Google only provides a javascript client, while I needed long polls using a python client. So I reverse engineered the protocol and implemented it in python.

It seems to work, though it's not well tested yet. Be aware that google could change the underlying protocol without any notice. The best thing you can expect in such a case is to get ChannelError exception. But it could also just stop workin in some other way. You've been warned.


import gae_channel

channel = gae_channel.Client(token='your channel token')
for msg in chan.messages():
    print msg


Also have a look at /demo. There's a small demo client.

$ python 
Your channel name is: fWVwdXvNJP
now run in an other terminal:
python fWVwdXvNJP
I'm now listening for messages, dont close this terminal...

Now in another terminal, run:

$ python fWVwdXvNJP
Enter a message:test

Now you'll see the message in the first terminal:

Message received: test

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